Citroen MOT Liverpool

MOT Liverpool

MOT Liverpool has the ability to undertake any Liverpool Citroen MOT that is required by Liverpool Citroen owners. We are a department of transport approved Liverpool MOT testing station which is your assurance that we know what we are doing.

Liverpool Citroen MOT Testing

There are more and more car owners that are moving here from EU member countries that may not be aware of the UK requirements for Citroen MOT Liverpool to be performed every single year on and after the car is 3 years old.

Your Liverpool Citroen MOT is an annual check that the car is safe enough to be driven on UK roads. All of our examiners have to pass a test that is overseen by the department of transport to say they are competent to conduct your Liverpool MOT.  

Not every garage is approved by VOSA to be a Liverpool MOT station for testing as the specialist equipment and expertise is not available.

Here at MOT Liverpool we have been performing Citroen MOTs for many years and have many clients that use our services exclusively. This type of loyalty has to be earned and maintained with the highest quality of craftsmanship and customer service.

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The law states that your Liverpool Citroen has to have an MOT that is currently valid. There are no days of grace so if your Citroen has expired then it is illegal to drive you car on the road. However, an exception to this is that if you are on your way directly to a Liverpool MOT testing station for the purposes of getting a Citroen MOT then you can drive your car there. You need first to contact MOT Liverpool that you are coming, and we will record your intentions and expected time. It is much easier all round to renew your Citroen MOT before it expires.

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